To rent a typical arabic house, just recovered respecting all the details of the andalusí architecture. It is situated in the center of the Medina of ChefChaouen. The town is one of the places which has more characteristic of Marroco. The light and the color of the streets along with the affection of its people turn it into an ideal place to enjoy good vacations.

In the house you can lodge upto 8 person. It consists of 4 double rooms, 2 quarters of toilets with shower, kitchen, dining room, inner patio and ample terrace in the floor superior.

It is even possible to rent it for the weekends, weeks or long vacations.



  • In Airplane. It is to arrive until the city Tangier, in Marroco.There are various low cost companies of flights that fly until Tangier. From Barcelona and other airports of Europe From Madrid or Paris

  • In car it is possible to arrive crossing Marroco in Ferry:
    · From Tarifa to Tangier with FRS(35 minutes of travel).
    · From Algeciras to Ceuta with FRS (60 minutes of travel).

  • From Tangier or from Ceuta, you have to take the highway in the direction towards Tetuan and once you encounter the door of the city of Tetuan at the right you will see a crossing that raises towards ChefChaouen. If you are not travelling with your own car, these passages can be realised in collective taxis, making interchange in Tetuan.
    In order to arrive Tetuan from Tangier there are 60Km y from Ceuta about 35Kms.
    Of Tetuan to ChefChaouen there are 57Kms.


See Chaouen in the map in bigger size